Throw Back Thrusday

In light of memorial day D’youville is proud to showcase an alumni. 

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Frequently Asked Questions and answers for using Proquest Flow. Topics include “Getting Started”, “Organizing Your Research” “Creating Bibliographies” and more. 

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Like D’Youville’s extensive history in community services these police officers believe in giving to children in need.

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The Montante Family Library is home to free printing services for all students? 

-That wireless printing is available in three floors of the library? 

-There is also free Micro-Film printing?

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Throwback Thursday

Did you know:

D’ Youville College was the first college in Western New York to offer baccalaureate degree programs for women? 

Learn more about the college’s illustrious history at; 

Configuring Google Scholar for the Montante Family Library at D’Youville College

Google Scholar uses the Google search engine to search for scholarly literature, including peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, and technical reports.

Computers on campus will automatically show links for full text from the library.

Off campus users will have to let Google Scholar know what school to link to in order to get full text articles from our library.

Select the link below to go straight to the configuration screen (it will automatically fill in our library name):

Full Text @ DYC

Make sure that you select save from this screen before continuing your search.


If you are off-campus you may also go straight to Google Scholar. From the main screen you must select the “Settings Icon”. 


At the next screen you must select “library links” and then search for “dyouville” (do not enter the apostrophe).


Look for the “Full Text @ DYC Library” links to access the full text of articles from the library.


Please Note: You will be asked for your DYC login to see the full text if you are off-campus.


"In her gorgeous second collection, Mary Szybist blends traditional and experimental aesthetics to recast the myth of the Biblical Mary for this era. In vulnerable lyrics, surprising concrete poems, and other forms, and with extraordinary sympathy and a light touch of humor, Szybist probes the nuances of love, loss, and the struggle for religious faith in a world that seems to argue against it. This is a religious book for nonbelievers, or a book of necessary doubts for the faithful." (read more of review)2013

2013 National Book Award Winner, Poetry

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The unwinding : an inner history of the new America

"The New Yorker writer George Packer strives for crazy heights—weaving a crisscross narrative of post-meltdown dreams and nightmares in the style of John dos Passos’USA Trilogy—and, remarkably, he succeeds. His chronicles of the Iraq war, superb though they were, put on hold the literary ambitions unfurled in his 2001 family-memoir cum political history, Blood of the Liberals, but The Unwinding marks a return, plus some.” (read more of review)

From Slate Staff Picks for 2013

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